somebody told me you had just been by

said you couldn't stay because there was no real

reason left in you to try

Am I indeed completely over you

I couldn't be that lucky for they are only a special

selected few

I'm certain if someone else needs you now and I should

be thoroughly thankful that its no longer me

all those empty months ago where was I then

apparently not where I was actually meant to be

I must have been out of my so starved little heart

to think that we as one could ever come around to


why am I still thinking about it all now

just how long is long

someone somewhere finally for me shut that rusty old


and since our sad song has at last ended

I don't ever care to remember its haunting lyrics


its funny how you start with love and end with war

writing is one of the few exceptable ways for the

frustrations to even up the old score............

( written April 5.1992 am)

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lonelymemories's picture

This is a good poem..I can really relate...Good job...

palewingedpoetess's picture

thank you so much.............

I'm glad you liked it. Sincerely , M.