surely you recognize a rhyme as such

and you know just where to place the commas to give

your words the fleeting feel of a lover's tentative


you know how to put any point across but just not too


but in some such instances one and one's deep personal

feelings see fit to go in on the subject of dutch

even as you expose yourself to the page

the heart continues to cling to some vague creative


and while presuming to kick one foot off the chair

the spirit gains speed and security through the use of

a secrecy to which it must clutch

true self preservation can be battered and beaten down

but still it will continue to stand

back bone is something you cultivate

you're not born with it

and of this the meek can not understand

every time the sensitive ego takes another hit

which is piled upon many before harsh and harsher


anger and outrage boil and in the self preserver

stronger additional back bone grows

sometimes it steps in at the very last minute

picking your battered spirits up off the ground

from a most fierce fight and shoving you right back

in it

I've lost publicly a fight or two

with no one being any more the wiser

and to this account I would swear it

because I had the audacity when I was being beat

and I knew it

the best thing I could think of was to grin a little

too wickedly and scare it.............

( written Jan 30,1992 am)

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Afzal Shauq's picture

well done dear honey friend... love this idea and the style you did in poetic way.... your's shauq