a mere drop of pleasure upon the very tip of the tongue

to honor all the world's heroes and such said songs gone


here's to those brave young men who fought so selflessly

in a murderous, cold killer's battle

slaughtered wherever they happened to be standing

like poor unsuspecting cattle

what must they be thinking in this atrocity we have so

carelessly let continue

and pray tell just what order of their personal agenda

would we be willing to place upon our own menu

little has changed in this war loving world and death

by far is nothing new

man so often kills his fellow man for simply stupid

reasons like he had nothing better to do

how can Hitler still be seen as anything other than

what he actually was

a monster among all men who acted as only a true

monster does

oh, how his true colors black and red, signs of the devil he let

be shown

he attempted to obliterate  race(s) he considered far

below that of his own

such a foul creature should never (again) be permitted

to be forgotten

and all future followers of his mad man acts and cruel deeds

should be flagged as soulessly rotten

precious life itself can be joy personified

a choice is merely that

a choice

so lets let each individual for himself decide........

( written Dec 26,1992 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

how we should never forget let alone emulate the heinous behavior of past inhumane people.

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