calm's own peace shall be the jailed trumpet
that shoulders men 's hearts to sing
livid are they as they lie
shall chant the insistent onlookers
self lashing in their warring egos own
soiled regrets
the dawn of Too Late indeed
will eventually come
to those who redundantly the truth deny
the hardened bitter hearts' shall thrash and weep
repentant at last
but too far beyond the prayer less pail
they will land
so very wary now
stare those disbelieving eyes
as upon the horizon
judgment takes his promised seat of command
the world inhales sharply
almost fearful some moments
of her very next breath
such is the way of this living of life........
(written Nov 3, 2005 645am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

deep huh?

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humanpulse's picture

You know Melissa, every time I read a poem of you, I say this is the best she wrote but soon comes another "best" one. No matter how much I try, I will never be able to show to what extent I appreciate the beauty of your words and the honesty within your meanings.
Bless you poetess