we left our once fair, free world to steal them from theirs
and turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to their horrified
screams and stricken stares
we made them our butlers, field hands, stable boys and maids
we kept them ignorant, dressed them as servants, titled
as our property
it was only later that we called them slaves
the white man must surely equate wickedness in the eyes
of many simply based upon how he once and still behaves
one must ask of God himself
in the end is it all worth it, in the name of superiority
in which he, my fellow man almost covetously craves
this mentioned 'Second Shame' was close in its historic
'Let Freedom Ring' is not a patriotic tune we have long
been humming
many dislike me more than a little when I stand
for myself to say this
but this dubious point I make is not so easy to miss
I'm nearly ashamed to be known as a red blooded
American and described as white
for not all of us white (wo)men have lost our way
in their sense of good and correct sight
the magnitude of wrong that my fathers have done
I know can never be made right
but if I could give back to my battered brother
the black man his freedom from never having knowing
what it was like on his forefather's being a slave
I would do so in a minute without a fight
for freedom is something we each should have the
God given right to cherish, savor and save......
(written July 4,1992 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my sadness over our history of the horrible mistreatment of blacks here in the United States, first with slavery then with the abuse of their civil rights that came to a legal end in the 1960s but continued in lesser obvious forms many years since even to this very day.............Such a sad, sad inheritance.

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