the stark betrayal of one's own past

can leave even the liveliest souls feeling bitter and

out cast

upheaval again sings her quaint little song

about emotional hunger and a fervent need to be steadier

than strong

and she is forced to take on her own private bevy of doubt

and put aside her fears for she knows that she must

move on with them or without

who could possibly blame her for wishing to be


because he who walks slowly and steps on no timid toes

at the hands of gentled sensitivity his soul gets


in my hot little hand I hold the key to respectability

and many a complex dream

when the opposing current grows stiff it can seem in one's

best interest to go with the flow of such said stream

but sometimes the spirit gets partially crushed in the

tumble taken from the fall

so when the conscience of necessity places an order

you have to make time often just to answer the call

is proposed pretense the top dog in this none award

winning game

I'm quite quick in my stepping up to ask

and if so is there room for bloodshed of pride and blame

or will the powers that be

bend the weak knees rather than stretch the mind to

bring us all up to task..........

(written July 7,1992 am)

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