castles and crowns
I dreamed of such things
as a child
princes with prized hounds
plodding merrily
after foxes and foes
along a deep leafy glen
with marigolds marching up
to their hedges towards spring
knights in their valiant armor
all the more handsome for it
oiled well like fine leather
my how they would gleam
gathered trumpeters
trumpeting out to the kingdom
all around
long live the fearfully beloved
glorious king
with the feudalists flashing their
in mounting personal envy
before turning rock, wood bridges
and frightfully deep moats
into amphibious war lanes
to one's possible death
such murky waters spoke
images upon the landscape
to strike one's courage soundly
across the back of his knees
knuckling and buckling him
with the hardships that flanked
the dark ages
like ignorance, malnourishment,
poor hygiene and disease
it's only until a few more turbulent
centuries eroded away
that man would go the road by
trial and error of globalization
via the interconnections of many
diverse democracies..............
(Nov. 11, 2015 245pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

As Charlemagne is considered the father of Europe as we know it today I figured using him in the tidle for how the entire world for the most part has become would be befitting. Feel free to disagree...............'tis the reader's right after all ah, but do enjoy the poem..........

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