daddy's poems

I just want to take some
Some time to write you a
Few lines to express for
Love and just how much
You mean to me! I just want
To let you know you’re never
Forgotten even though I don’t
Always show it you know I’ll
Never be able to put in words
How much I love you or say
I love you enough to measure
Up how much love I have truly
For you!! I’m more sorry
That I can’t buy you an expensive
gift or take care of you the way
I feel all kids should at a certain
Time in a parent’s life because
You’ve took care of me all this time
And still do with you words of
Confront with I’m down
And your confidence and wisdom stays
With me always to remind
Myself to keep pushing forward
Learn more and more set
New golds for myself there’s no gold that I can’t reach
As long as I believe in me anything
Is possible the even if it turns out I can’t do something
At least I can say I tried and I put my heart into it
I hope words these bring a smile to your face and love in your heart
Happy father’s day I love you always!!

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