Christmas isn’t Christmas anymore!


Christmas isn’t Christmas anymore!

It’s hard to believe

Another  year

Is coming

To an end.

Time truly

Goes as fast

Drag racing

These days.

One day your

12 then it’s like

One day you wake up

And your 25 you’re an

Adult you’re not a child any longer

So many things have changed

Over this decade

Like people, places, things,

The economy has changed  tremendously

I can bet it’s going to get worse

Before it gets better.

But that’s okay life’s a

Struggle each and every

Day we’ll make it as long as

Stick together with those

We love and never forget those

We’ve lost! We say the holidays

Will never seem the same

Without you here with us

Even though we know you’re

With us in spirit it just isn’t the

Same!  Merry Christmas and happy

Holidays to you all! May god

Shine many blessings on you

All for years to come!

Dec 25th 2008,

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Merry Christmas!
Yes, we shall have better days and look forward to 2009!