Hi daddy!

daddy's poems

Hi daddy!

I hope is

Well your way?

Everything’s great

Here! I’m happy

to say! It’s really

Late here it’s

3:30A.m. here

I’m doing okay

Still no seizures

So keep your

Fingers crossed

For me! I want my

Seizures to go away

So I can start collage

One of these days

I hope and pray

It’ll be soon! I

Really enjoyed

That book

You sent me

Just had a

Chance to finished

It today! I read over

Half of it in just 2

Days! Me & mom

Have been getting

Along great lately

I told her I wouldn’t

Yell at her if she

Didn’t yell at me I’ve

Been talk to grams

Every Tuesday

After 9p.m. goes

That’s when my

my minutes

On my cell go free

During the week

And weekends

Are free! I’m

Sorry to hear

Your car

Broke down

On you. I

Hope you got

It fixed by

Sunday at

Night fall

My sister just

Had a baby I’ll

Call you Saturday

So watch for my

Call! Well I’m off

To bed goodnight

Daddy I love you SO MUCH

I wish you nothing but

The best in everything

And every obstacle

You might face in

The later days!


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Sue Mceachern's picture

hey lory ,
another masterpiece from you. i really like this one. Sorry that your father don't live with you and your mom. Hope you dont have any more seizures. I use to have seizures as a baby. but of course having them as a baby i dont remember them. Having been in the medical field i have seen people having seizures and its not fun. I can relate with medical issues as im sure Ruth may have told u that im a severe diabetic and i take insulin 4 times a day and i have high blood pressure but on top of that im pregnant with my first. good luck , hugs and keep in touch sue