Why she’s being like this I’ll never know why?

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Why she’s being like this I’ll never know why?

Why she’s being

Like this I’ll never

Understand why?

I got this morning

All was fine or least

That’s why I thought

But I guess I was wrong?

I had already felt like a

Seizure was trying to come

That’s what I got up for,

She starts in on me, well everybody’s

Already gone nobody’s here


And I’m thinking okay

Did I say if I cared

If anybody was here?

Because I don’t remember

Me saying anything about whether

Or not I cared if anybody was still here?

All I knew is my legs were

Hurting and felt like a seizure was near.

And sure enough

What do you know? I had

2 seizures in row because

you kept hassling me and

won’t leave nothing be.

So I had 2 seizures

For the first time

In 2 months because you

arguing with me over things so



Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about arging this morning

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