On Another Year

Well, here it is; another "New Year," but I'm not feeling it. It doesn't seem to me that something old has died and something new is being born. Maybe it's because I feel like I'm pretty much stuck in the moment most of the time, and the past few years all seem to be about the same. 


Right now I'm more excited about the driftwood sale I have going on on Ebay than I am about the beginning of a new year.  The driftwood sale is filling a void and bringing in a little cash while I'm waiting for sugar beets to get trucked in from Arizona so I can go back to working at the seed company.


During this time my sleep habits have changed quite a bit. I usually go to sleep sometime between 8 & 9 pm, then wake-up sometime between 2 and 3 am, get up, and have a cup of coffee or two and check a few newspapers online to see if there's any breaking news of interest, then go back to sleep around 4 or 4:30 am.  That's when I usually have the most intense dreams. 


Last night one of my dreams involved me having to choose which one of a few potentially dangerous animals to handle.  I didn't want to handle any of them, but for some reason in the dream I had to pick one.  I was about to choose a fox, I think, but then I saw a gila monster beside a box, and since it seemed to be the slowest and most docile of the choices I opted for it. 


I was wearing a long black coat, so I wrapped the tail of the coat around my right hand and picked up the gila monster that way. The gila monster opened its big mouth and began devouring the coat tail. When the coat tail was almost gone I was worried that the gila monster was going to get  hold of my hand, and not only did the gila monster appear to have a very strong bite, but someone standing behind me told me it is very poisonous and getting bit by it would be very bad. I wanted to toss the gila monster away but for some reason I couldn't release my grip on it. I woke up again and had coffee and checked the newspapers online to see if there was any interesting breaking news.


Yeah, well, anyway--not enthusiastic about the new year thing, as I said.  Got the driftwood sale going on Ebay.  Have a few other things up for grabs there, too, such as some vintage gunny sacks, brass valves, and one vintage lamp weight. 


Oh--I found two flicker feathers today. They are black and orange in color. Both identical to one another. Don't know if they're an omen or not. Guess I'll find out soon enough. 



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Flicker Feathers, Batman!

Thanks for the dreamscape - consult dream book for meaning. Gila Monster vs. Fox - my dream choices would be something like Chikadee vs. Praying Mantis. The voice behind you is intriguing. A repetition of read the newspaper for something noteworthy was very fine indeed, full circle. I order flower seeds and every time I am amazed when they grow and create a pallet of color year round. Driftwood sale. Your poetry should bring in a dime or two during the winter. Love your work in the literary arts ~A~