Ch. 5 & 6

Chapter 5

Wordsworth arrived at the pond about an hour before noon. When he got there he saw Dylan Turtle sitting on a small log. Dylan Turtle was looking up towards the sky, and seemed to be deep in thought. Wordsworth decided maybe it would be best if he didn't disturb Dylan Turtle at the moment, so he took a seat a little ways away from him and sat looking at the still, clear water of the pond, and some of the small creatures who lived upon and below the surface, such as skippers, perch, a water beetle, and also a dry leaf that sailed gently across the pond's surface when a little breeze brushed by.

Wordsworth was right about Dylan Turtle being deep in thought. Dylan was actually musing over a poem he was creating for the day's poetry get-together. He had just recited the finished poem silently to himself, but was having a bit of trouble with what to title it. He finally decided on the title "Here and There." Now that his poem was ready and titled he decided to crawl down off the log, and that's when he noticed Wordsworth sitting by the pond. He ambled in his slow, quiet way over to Wordsworth and said "Good day, wordsworth."

"Oh! Hello, Dylan Turtle. I hope I didn't disturb you. It seemed to me you were busy thinking about something, so I tried to be quiet."

"You are no bother at all, my friend. I'm glad to see you. Are you ready for our little gathering this afternoon?"

"Yes, I am, and I'm looking forward to it very much."

"Fine, fine." Said Dylan Turtle. "I'm sure you will enjoy yourself."

Just then they heard pawsteps approach them from a nearby path. They looked around and saw a raccoon making its way towards them.

"Good day, Sylvia." Said Dylan Turtle to the raccoon.

"Good day to you, Dylan Turtle." Replied the raccoon.

"Sylvia," said Dylan Turtle, "I would like you to meet my new friend and fellow poet Wordsworth Rabbit."

"Pleased to meet you, Wordsworth Rabbit." Said Sylvia.

"Pleased to meet you, too, Sylvia. You may just call me Wordsworth."

"OK. That I'll do." Sylvia replied with a smile. "I'm a bit thirsty after my walk here. I'm going to get a drink from the pond."

Wordsworth looked after Sylvia as she walked over to the pond, and he was sure he was going to enjoy having her as a friend. She seemed like a very pleasant raccoon.

Chapter 6

Soon after Sylvia arrived a hound came trotting up to the pond area and joined the group.

"Hello." said Dylan Turtle to the hound.

"Hi." replied the hound.

"Wordsworth; this is Ezra Hound. Ezra; this is Wordsworth Rabbit." Said Dylan Turtle.

"Pleased to meet you, Wordsworth."

"Happy to meet you, Ezra." Replied Wordsworth.

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Ezra Hound?

Can't wait for chapter 2 and 3 - a story poets will adore - very clever with endless character possibilities - Lady A