Coyote Red and the Last Cupcake (WIP)

When Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States, Brian Webster, Seattle barista, went cuckoo, changed his name to Coyote Red, grabbed a box filled with a dozen cupcakes, quit his job, sold all his belongings, then headed for high dessert country to roam amongst sagebrush, ancient lava, and the creatures that inhabit that environment. He didn't go to court to legally change his name. He was in a hurry to leave. But whenever he was asked what his name was he would reply "Coyote Red."  The cupcakes had about an inch-and-a-half of frosting on them, consisting of various flavors.


Coyote Red's first day in the high dessert started out pretty quiet, but just before noon he saw a short distance from him three pick-up trucks headed his way. As they got closer, he saw there were riders in the beds of the trucks and exclaimed aloud: "Injuns!"


Coyote Red recalled passing a shallow ravine just a minute ago, so he took two cupcakes from the box, set them on a clump of lava rock, then ran towards the ravine.


The pick-up trucks bounced across the lumpy lava, but came to a stop when one of the drivers noticed two cupcakes sitting on a clump of lava rock. 


The driver said to one of the men in the truck bed "Go check that out, Joe Crow."


Joe Crow hopped out of the bed, and walked over to the cupcakes.


"It's two cupcakes. Said Joe Crow. Looks like whoever set them here went down into the rattlesnake pit." 


"Strange. said the driver.  Maybe it's someone from Seattle. Well, come on back, Joe crow. Don't wanna miss lunch. "


Joe Crow went back to the truck and took the cupcakes with him. 





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