Dot's Boot

~Dot's Boot~


Dot moved to Kimberly, Idaho from New York when she turned forty years of age just to get away from all the constant hubbub of the big city.


One of the first things Dot did when she got settled in to her new residence was go to the bigger town of Twin Falls where there are stores, and bought a pair of black cowboy boots. She bought the pair even though she only needed a boot for her right foot. She assumed the market for single left foot boots was soft,  and she didn't want to be a bother by haggling with the merchant over the one boot.  She made a wren house out of it, and figured to sell it.  A lot of people who live in New York tend to think along entraupenurial lines. Probably because Wall Street and the big stock markets are located there. I bought the boot wren house. Talked her down from $30 to $25, then sold it on craigslist for $35. Yes, I've been to New York.  Layedover twice for a few hours riding Greyhound, so I know something about commerce, too.











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