When Pyrocumulus in the Western Lands Bloom

~When Pyrocumulus in the Western Lands Bloom~


This early Autumn evening as I listen

to the cricket's 


"cree cree

cree cree

cree cree"


I imagine myself with cricket legs

and what a glorious noise

I could make if I rubbed them together

as I lie on my back in a shadowed lawn. 


Maybe after a while

a beautiful woman

who also has

cricket legs

will be attracted

and join me on the lawn.



the volume of the

glorious noise

will double,

and we will be happy

and she will

smile easily.


Our racket might very well disturb

the people for several acres around,

and cause them

to gather up guns

and dogs to hunt us down

to silence us, but as they near,

we will



get up on our cricket legs,

and bound away into perhaps

a large field of tall corn

where we will lie, keeping

our legs spread apart

for the sake of silence,


and, while prone that way,

we quietly giggle

as I climb on top of you

and we proceed 

to fool around


while the people

urge their dogs to sniff

us out, but the dogs

don't really want to find us

because they consider us to be

too wierd and creepy to behold, while


to the north of us,

in these western lands,

pieces of the sun unwind 

from the forest there,

and pyrocumulus blooms.







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wemni's picture

wonderful poem....funny and

wonderful poem....funny and lovely. Now I'll have to go check out when lilacs last in the courtyard bloomed....is that right?....to see if it is just the title you are pushing off of.....but, I enjoyed concentrating on the two lover crickets.

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Cricket Love

Crickets keep me awake - I have guns but I'm thinking pesticides. It will snuff the crickets and I'll get more sleep. But ah and so that's what's going on out there. Will plant green corn in the fields next year (smile) - I loved this write - thanks for sharing a piece of you years with pp - gratefully yours ~~Lady A~~