Of a Summer Evening

~ Of a Summer Evening ~

A bug flew into my ear and hated it.
Got out quick with a buzz of distaste
and went away fast. 


Was it dirty wax? The noise, 
high-pitched and constant?
Something about my ear bothered that bug.


Oh, well. I'm not going to dwell on it much.
I should just be glad I don't have to dig
the damn thing out
because it was happy
in there.


D. B. Tompsett

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wemni's picture

the rhythm of this poem reminds me of

my short poem Twice I Saw a Bird, (After Snowfall), p.73,......because.......I have the words, Oh well, in the very same place in the poem, and just like my poem is about 'projection' although it doesn't come out and say it.....to me yours is about how emnity from things that are negative.....is a positive......that's if you are the type to delve inside....(and I am, lol)

Funny poem.

allets's picture

Too Late

You have dwelled on it too much already. You have written it down which means creative faculties firiing, opened up the site and posted, edited, sent. You are dwelling upon it now. I can't get those damned crickets out of my head "cree/cree/cree!" The thought police are going to arrest you for starting a poem like this with a first line of reality happening, then continuing perfectly - criminal as crickets - I say - well written and enjoyed - yr friend - allets