Evolution of a Neighbor

~Evolution of a Neighbor~


Flight may have been
the final refuge of the dinosaur.


An old neighbor in her bamboo blind
considers the theory, as seeds

tossed around her yard lure
finch and sparrow descendants
of down-sized monsters who perch
within inches of her frame, bent
and shorter since the time

she owned daft whims by night, 
flinched through work by day.


The birds leave as she stands,
walks across her lawn, then stops
to curse weeds grown thick
where tar pits may have irked
her slope-browed and wingless kin.


D. B. Tompsett


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Work Flinching

I have flinched through work too...nice image for a time soooo long passed - sloped headed bosses aplenty. I needed tar pits, yes several actually - smile, then grimace - Lady A