There once was a young, rich, handsome, king

who lived in a grand palace and slept with a beautiful princess.


On the outskirts of the palace grounds lived an old, poor, ugly man

who lived in a hut and slept with snakes and bugs.


One fine, summer, morning the beautiful princess awoke

to find the king had been poisoned and was dead.


The princess left the palace in a carriage accompanied 

by wealthy suitors and horse-mounted soldiers.


The king's body was taken to the village center

and hanged by its feet from the branch of a tree,

where it was defiled by peasants with rocks and sticks.


The old, poor, ugly man slept late,

that morning, and enjoyed fantastical dreams.

When he finally awoke and sat up in his hut

he smiled, and felt like a king.


D. B. Tompsett

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