I will choose

Listen to me

do what I say

Keep your mouth shut!

do it my way....


Listen to me

what I say goes

I don't want to hear it!

do what you're told...


Dare I speak?

what am I to say

out of my place?

Feelings astray


Please... leave me be

and the choices I  make

it is for the better

my happiness is at stake


Believe me...

for what I say is true

I will not be pushed around

Not even by the likes of you


I will not be rattled

I will not be ashamed

I am not to be kept in a cage

but to be set free... to choose my own fait!





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I wish I could have chosen my own fate, but then, this would not be possible, from where I am now :D



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Very True :)

Very True :)