Cabinet of Curiosities


Inquiring and Inquisitive

A world of wonder and mystery

In awe, I collect knowledge and experiences

Neatly arranged memories in my Cabinet of Curiosities


  • Including every episode of Scooby Doo, my favorite
  • Late nights watching original Godzilla films


  • The Raggedy Ann doll who tragically lost her eye to surgery
  • Playing store with pantry forage, prices in pen on masking tape


  • Joyful immersion in the practice of piano
  • Hiking, stargazing, and the beauty of the moon


  • The thrill of thunder, lightning, and rain
  • Watching from the porch with my sisters and a bowl of popcorn


  • Fear of the gorilla in the closet
  • Comfort of silky homemade hot chocolate


  • Mail order Sea Monkeys that didn’t smile, or even swim
  • Favorite books leading me to worlds of imagination


  • Mom’s handwork, Dad’s intellectual pursuits
  • Extended family with stories of people and places unknown to me


A memory collection of real and imagined phenomena

Symbolically arranged and preserved artifacts of my life

A place of retreat for contemplation of unsolved mysteries

Controlling the world through reproduction, interpretation


Observing with intrigue all that is magnificent and freakish

Marveling in the abundance and diversity of a dangerous, but beautiful world

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An Engaging List

...of things remembered. Enjoyed the trip inside memory lane

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