Another E-mail


Another year is going by,

with harsh memories,

we all have faced,

within our time.

I have faced death,

once or twice,

but taking a step,

throughout my life,

brings me one year closer,

to happiness which I strive.

Hope you didn't forget me,

I have not forgotten you,

through the e-mails we sent,

to each other to & to.

Please let me know,

this coming New Year,

if you want me to,

keep you on my e-mail list.

"KEEP ME!" or "NO!",

is what you say,

for I have special gifts,

to share with everyone,

this next year to come.

E-mail me soon,

I shall await,

for an e-mail,

says you'll stay.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'My Online PenPals'.

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teresa_r's picture

This poem touched my heart i have being hurt by guys on line but i have finally met that special someone on line there are some good ones out there TERESA RIFE