Alone Again



an awful word,
like being jerked,
around the world.



a need to be heard,
no one has heard,
me disappear,
into this world.



Alone again,
is what I face,
over & over at this pace,
but a sixth sense,
has been displaced.



is a fear,
one that's near,
with no faces here.



Once again,
I'm alone again,
never to be heard,
or seen again.



Why am I so alone?
Why won't anyone be my friend?
Why is this sixth sense,
intense again?
Why am I so alone again?




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Dawn Williams's picture

Hey, this is pretty good. It reminds me of my poetry, very serious sounding. It's like I can feel the yearning in the poem. I like how your stanza's are short, and the poem is written really well.

-love Lacelya