What Happened To Us?

Can't say much,
we hardly speak,
never go out,
no loving or touching,
one another's heart.


What happened to us?

Where is the fire,
that burned for us,
to caress each other,
at night when we slept?


What happened,
to the kind heart,
I fell in love with,
when we first met?




What happened to us?

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Colin "Satyr" McNamara's picture

sometimes things change for people... feelings twist... passions die... this is where compromise comes in. Most people that I know would just drop the whole thing at the expense of a heartbreak to get something to suit them better... but that's bs.

If you say you love soemeone... then one should stick with em... and if things change... try to compromise to keep that spark... to keep a meaning.

I'm sure you have figured this already... best wishes