I've been a victim of my own ego, a crow surrounded by people who are unaware of themselves. But I've learn the huge meanings of all of them. They've taught me a few good lessons, not to become like them, but to be true to myself. My true oneness. Every stage of my life has shaped me into a better perception of me.

 "I am the gift to myself."

When I was 14 years old, I was around drug dealers, mostly around

kids with bad intentions. But deep down something or someone was telling me, there is more to life from what you see now. As I was growing up my consciousness was decreasing, by the bad influence, negative surroundings, and the lack of choices for my life. They all meant something. A purpose. They all made a huge impact on me, from who I was then, to who I am now.Grateful.

"Peace has changed my life."

I am grateful for all those who walked in my path, And much more grateful for those who haven't left. Gratefulness. God has given us life. Life has given us choices, and choices are our blessings. Blessed. LOVE. Love has been a tough script for me. As I learn from all its meaningful situations, it take courage to love another. Also love is a combination of two chapters from two people in a role of a deeper connection. For I, love has been one of the most difficult emotion for me to learn, and to accept. A love comes into your chapter when you at least expect it. My life has been a rollercoaster, but I finally got off and made my own theme park. As now I am 22 years old, I am awake from my consciousness, awareness, happiness, and more. But besides all that I've truly connected with my true self. My soul. My goals are my motives, my love is my family, and I m, my own life.

"I am life."

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