" Did You See? "

Did You See?

I wore the dress you liked on me.

I held my head up high.

I took deep breaths to keep control.

You'd told me not to cry.

The honor guard from Maxwell came.

The flag I'll frame and keep.

I tried to do the best for you,

So, now alone I'll weep.

This house once bustled daily.

Your presence made life real.

But now my world is empty

With sorrow all I feel.

You worked your sensual magic.

Took possession of my heart.

I never stopped to contemplate,

The day we'd have to part.

I miss you so this morning!

I'd cried myself to sleep.

But I have precious memories,

And the flag that I will keep.

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Lesa Gay's picture

As the music to ''You are always on my mind'' plays in back of what I am now writing to you, I have a tear running down my cheek. I am so sorry Jessica that our friendship was so much me, me, comfort me, and you were not able to come to me when you needed a friend. I guess that I have learned alot over this past year. One thing, my friend, you are, and have always been on my mind since we have last talked. My Love, Lesa

TREXPATTON's picture

Because You Loved Me
~ ~ ~ ~
I am more than what I used to be,
and more of what I ever dreamt of being,
because you loved me.

The changes that your love caused in me
are far from done, only just begun, I'm seeing,
because you loved me.

I do not miss the one I was before you came,
for that was me "on hold", and now I'm real,
because you loved me.

What we started, what we began, I still am,
amd I will go on in your strength and your hope,
because you loved me.

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !