" May 5, 2004 "

May 5, 2004

In Langdale on a sloping hill

Where the river winds around,

My heart lies deep within the clay

Of Alabama ground.

So long I waited for the joy

His care had brought to me,

Too short the time we had to spend,

Yet, bitter I'll not be!

Some wait a lifetime n'ere to find

The love that we two shared.

I've known acceptance pure and sweet,

When every flaw was bared.

No censure ever passed his lips.

His wisdom knew no bounds.

I've tasted love in rarest form.

Oh!  What a wealth I found.

When nights grow cold and days turn dark

In months to come for me,

I'll picture trees of cottonwood,

The river running free.

I'll hold my head up tall and strong

And thank my God above,

That in His Mercy for a while

He gave me Jim to love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I want to thank everyone who stood beside me this week in my grief and shock.  I'm blessed so many ways.

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Lesa Gay's picture

Dear Jess,

I am so, so, sorry for your loss. I think that just before or just after we lost touch with each other I had heard that you lost your Jim. I know that the pain is fresh and will and does remain with you. This is such a beautiful write and touches my heart with tears for a friend that has remained and will remain in my heart. My Love and try sympathy. Lesa

shar's picture

I thought your other poems couldn't be topped, but this one is my favorite so far. This is one time I can't find the words to tell you how this made me feel...what a beautiful life you two must have shared. He's so deep in your heart now, he's even closer to you than in life...bless your heart for this...and for showing me that this level of love is really and truly out there...'hugs' again.

Mary Charest's picture

What a beautiful tribute to the man who graced your life. I pray the memories will grow sweeter with time. I hope you smile.

God bless,
Mary Charest

gentle's picture

Now is the time to let the words flow freely to help you heal.

If you post something new, let me know & I will take the time to read.

Even though we have not met, I am so sorry for your loss.

A new fan...


Gentle is the night♥

TREXPATTON's picture

For Jim. Some are luckier in love than others.

Your heart still beats;
never will I yield up your memory
to such vain forces as mere Death.

While my heart beats,
ever shall your sweetness in reverie
be my partner, as we were while with breath.

I miss you so.
Day's and night's companion, your dear essence
filled and waved my sea and emotion's beach.

Come with me, go
on from now, your silence is your presence.
Words marked in sand; our memories still teach.

I stand alone,
my hand has no other hand to grasp.
Your day-to-day love no longer drives.

Alone again;
but each of us exists as a lone hand-clasp
first of all, and then loves enter our lives.

The best of love
is how it combines, yet is sole-standing,
strong in itself, but trusting in beloved.

The rest of love
I keep in my heart, with you guarding.
Lengthening shade my portion,
my life has your
sunshine memory
glowing above it.

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !

kat's picture


Well, I was very sorry to hear this news. But you have written a lovely tribute and designed a beautiful page in his memory. The days will undoubtedly drag along for some time, but one day you'll wake up remembering just the good and you'll be ready to fully take on life again. Take your time for as long as it takes.

Always here....


erma todd's picture

Jess this is the most beautiful tribute to a most precious man. You did him proud. Were lucky if any of us ever find what you had even if it was for a short time. God be with you.....your Sis....Erma