Stepping On A Memory

Once  we  walked

here  side  by side

into the future we

had planned. You

with  your  memories of no

love at all, and me with my

love  for ONE MAN.  Now

you   are   gone,   but  your

Memory lives on, and I  strive  to keep

climbing this stair. Someday there will

be a real love for Me. A man who truly

will care.  I hope as this evening draws

To  a close that you  might be thinking of me.  And

maybe at  times you  think  back  to  find  that  you

played a fool leaving me.  It's hard on some days to

Remember   the   way  you   promised  those  things

never kept. But  that's OK too, for thinking of  you has made me

quite proud of myself. I may not  be your pick of life's little gifts,

but I know  the thing  that  you  lost,  was a  love bright and new,

a  heart  that  was  true,  and   gold  that  you   traded  for  dross.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired by Tommy Curtis' poem of the same title.  Thanks for the inspiration.

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TIME does not change all things;
somethings are un-changable, you know.
There are words that went to one heart
from one other, unbidden, and lodged forever.
No-one can choose our friends for us;
no-one should take our friends away.
What we live with is our treasure;
one claims one, another claims another.
One should not delete a heart from it case:
there is care enough in this chilly existence
not to make it even colder over alphabet soup.
A chosen treasure is always a treasure
no matter why or how it got reclaimed.
One may choose ultimate choices in life,
then expect many other things to fall in place,
but chance is not fair, and fair is not chance;
Love and true Hope were not born to die;
neither can be killed, only ignored - -
which, after all, is the ultimate indignity.
We need extreme care so as not to step on a memory,
and therefore accidentally make ourselves lonely.
My memories are also lovely, of you.

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !