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Pure Love

An orange globe of moon looks on

As crickets raise a din.

He tugs my hand.  I follow.

Such joy must be a sin!


There's magic here, and starlight,

And OH! such wondrous hugs!

I hold the jar as he gives chase,

Collecting lightning bugs.


His chubby legs are pumping.

He laughs in sheer delight.

With toddler words he tells me

He's having "pun" tonight.


The jar I hold is glowing,

As is my Nana-Heart.

My grandson brings me laughter

Carousing in the dark.


The neon tails of fireflies,

The whippoorwills, the hugs,

Make summer evenings priceless!

We're catching lightning bugs!

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kat's picture

Very nice poem. How nice it is to write of love and hugs and kisses, than heartbreak, sorrows and woes.
I hope Austin always lives close to his Nana so visits can be frequent----it's so good for both of you.

Alf Sullivan's picture

Hi cobber, I bet that bought tears to your eyes as you wrote it. Very glad to see you have some joy in your life.

Lesa Gay's picture

Dear Jessica,

It is so amazing to me the feelings I have when I am around my grandson. There is just not a way to describe exactly how the heart feels. I guess that every grandparent though, shares the same feelingsspecial just to us.

They are so special to our hearts, why shouldn't God have given them a feeling of love shared only through the love of a grandparent's heart.

Your words as always paint the picture of the experience.

It is funny, my grandson is so obsessed with the moon. He is only two but, he is so delighted at it's apperance in the evening sky.

One more thing that we have in common, the love of our grandchildren.

Till next time my love as always.


kat's picture

I think EXCELLENT covers it, don't you?

TREXPATTON's picture

Life's carousel of laughter spins in my heart this night;
as joy comes 'round, a smile comes too; heart's favorite delight!
What ultimate enjoyment! Such gaiety peels the shell
off of my panoplied sorrows. This love!! How can I tell??
Ms. Jessica, I too have two-yr-old living-treasures in my life. They are named Hannah, and Ruth. I share your joys!!! Teddy

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