Roses In The Rain

Roses In The Rain

I dropped your roses in the rain.

They fell there at my feet.

You said that we should not be seen,

That we should be discreet.

You told me how your plans were not

To be the public kind.

You knew that I would understand,

You knew I would not mind.

I saw you then for what you are.

Those roses in the rain?

Will soon be trampled under feet,

Like self-esteem in pain.

The tears that flow from deep inside

Where beats my heart with thuds,

Look like those crystal raindrops

On your roses in the mud.


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Carol Gornell's picture

whew...this was a good one.......I think that you said it all in this.....your writing is really good

saiom's picture


beautiful words
beautiful frames



kat's picture

This is excellent. I really liked it and the thoughts it delivered. Dare I say, been there too? Yeah, you know.