" End of the World "

End Of The World

The sun arose in flaming red,

And washed across the sky.

I thought the world would surely end,

If e're you said "goodbye".

The birds are trilling, singing.

The light spears through the trees.

I'd oft' supposed my life would close,

If you should ever leave.

The mantle clock is ticking on.

It chimes upon the hour.

I'd thought that time would come to end,

You held me in such power.

My heart is beating in my breast.

The pain I feel like fire.

You said you'd love me 'til I died.

Oh!  You were such a liar!

The traffic passes on the street.

I hear the radio.

I'd thought the world would surely end,

My God!  It is not so!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I lost my husband to a heart attack May 3, 2004.  I'm amazed that things are going on as though nothing happened when it is the end of my world.

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Lesa Gay's picture

Dear Jessica,

You are traveling a journey of tears and I am crying with you as I read the links you sent to me this morning. I wish that there was something that I could do to ease your journey. Love, Lesa

Alf Sullivan's picture

What can I say. Hell Jess, you'd think life would have been better for you this time. Hang in there my friend.hugs from the land down under

Nicolette Van der Walt's picture

Dear Jessica

I was so shocked to read about the death of your beloved husband. You once commented on one of my poems and said "we are kindred souls"...how true that turns out to be...both having lost a loved one in this year...

My thoughts are with you - cry and grieve for him and write your hurt and love out of you. May God hold you close and may the angels cover you in their wings...

I understand...


Kristine Snow's picture

A wonderful picture....taken in a beautiful spot...and I have always loved the song, for some reason.

He knew how much he was loved. As you are.


TREXPATTON's picture


"I find my greatest comfort in remembering.
Many things have comforted me, mostly my friends.
My fondest friend is described in Scripture: Jesus.
He created a wonderful world for me to love in.

"...for me to LOVE in..." is the way I feel now.
I have known much loss, some over a long time,
some in an instant, but it all hurts my heart.
Never-the-less there are strong things I lean on:

my sun-set shows somewhere else as a sun-rise;
my turning, falling leaves are beauty to The Artist;
my ache and sorrow will lead to a fairer tomorrow;
my friends will never forget about my needs and sorrow.

My God holds my hand, my friends hold my name,
life has changed, but Love is always the same."

(You are in our hearts, Jessica,
and we uphold you in our prayers, with love.) Teddy

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !