A Word From You

Love Or Lack Of It

A Word From You

The world is like a winter chill

That seeps into the bone.

Cold and biting, swept in darkness,

Existing all alone.

A word from you is like a bloom

That scents the breeze perfumed.

A breath of spring is what I taste,

Two souls yet one attuned.

Your words have strength to pick me up,

And hold me high for hours.

A word from you makes my hope bud,

Like Springtime and her flowers.

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I just wanted to say that i've seen your paintings and your poems and i think that you're a greatly respected woman with plenty of talent for a number of things. Well done!

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I know just how those few words from someone special
can brighten an otherwise gloomy day.
Good friends or special friends, can make the world turn.
Good write, Jessica.