E-Roses From Jim

Love Or Lack Of It

E-Roses From Jim

Got home last night, the work week end,

and opened e-mail then.

There before me, neon words,

"An e-card sent from Jim".

I clicked the icon then I smiled,

feeling better all the time.

A dozen roses (those above)

with a simple little rhyme.

"Welcome to three days," he said,

"of peace and quiet here."

I love my job, but I'm tired.  

And Jim can be a dear.

I look to this long weekend

as retreat to gather strength,

And enjoy the homelife here in warmth

I know was Heaven sent.

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Cletus Hardiman's picture

Nice "warm" poem, Jessica! Makes you want to retreat to your recliner and sleep the whole weekend away! :)

Jessica, I can always count on you to take any subject and turn it into a beautiful poem!

Thanks for sharing so much of you with me and the world!

Cletus Hardiman

Leah Murphy's picture

Hello, Jessica,

I really like this poem. It makes me feel good to read about your everyday homelife. That's a nice warm feel-good piece.

Best Wishes,