Damn The Man!

Damn The Man!

A heart so kind I can't endure brought me quite to my knees,

His every word was strong and sure, "Merci beaucoup, Sir.  Please?"

I dreamed of nights in passion's grip and days of splendid charm.

I thought of floating by his side my hand upon his arm.

He knows the things I need so well that I don't understand,

Why he has left me so forlorn. I tell you, "DAMN THE MAN!"

Damn him for his sympathy when no one else did care.

Damn him for his consolation when I felt sharp despair.

It doesn't matter that I knew that he could not be mine.

It makes no difference to me that he used not one line.

He KNEW that he had taken it, my heart so battle sore.

And that makes his a fiercer crime, assess it at forescore.

Damn the man who was and is the dream I've waited for.

Damn him yet for still he haunts my sleepless nights with more.

How can I take for granted all the interests we two share.

"Damn him?"  say you.  Yes I can!  For simply being there.

I never would have missed his voice, or words from his own hand,

Had he not deigned to reach to me across the marriage bans.

I have no right to tell him that I feel this awful need.

So I'll just damn him as the fool who's shaken like a reed.

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TREXPATTON's picture

Hot- is not hot. Try Yah. All is well?

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !

TREXPATTON's picture

A moment in Time is but a moment in Time.
Just wait.
(I did not say "Just YOU Wait!")

~ ~ ~ Some Words Chisled In Stone ~ ~ ~
((Not quite a Sonnet))

I sought Fate, seeking the face of my Muse.
Fate turned to me and smiled.
I did not think to look on the face.
....at that smile I turned to run!: :

"This cannot be real, for it is too lovely for me."
Yet, the chance of the Love of my Life
I'll not let slip through my hands!

Tears I will still let fall into a Sea;
whispers I will still sigh into a Storm:
our pledged love is "tu jours", forever,
Life's-Trial's loss is Loves's-experience's gain;
broken hearts re-growing....this is NOT pain.

Forlorn Mon Coeur, no, no, no, never!

Souhait sur notre etoile,
and don't forget our Vincent's dream.

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !

Robert Locke's picture

cool poem. Not sure if there is sadness there or anger. I feel a bit of both
very nice

Ernest Bevans's picture

Great piece - you get better
Dorothy Parker would be partial
to this one... Two thumbs up!

kat's picture

How can two people suffer such similiar indignaties? Is this a special breed of man that takes a heart and then walks all over it? Either 'they' are brothers, or 'we' are sisters. It's just too weird.
Great write Jessica, I can related to every word.