Love Or Lack Of It


I’ve learned so late, but still it’s true.

There’ll never be a “me and you”.

Waiting to feast intimately,

I’ve taken crumbs you throw to me.

While life ebbs by in minutes, hours,

The loneliness inside devours.

Please know you’re in my every sigh,

But, Love, today I say, “Goodbye”.

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Cletus Hardiman's picture

Sad poem--sad situation! But, Jessica, remember nothing is forever! And, the deepest wounds heal, and only the scar remains!

Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem with me and the world!

Cletus Hardiman

Cletus Hardiman's picture

Jessica! What a beautiful, yet sad poem! I know exactly what you are saying....(won't go into detail) :)

Good work, and what a beaufiful song and pic!

Keep on sharing! And, keep on searching. One person's goodbye is another's hello!

TREXPATTON's picture

I wonder about this. It really needs to be longer, more explanative. But maybe I wouldn't be satisfied with that, either. Bon Jour, Mon Sucre. Txo..........

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !

Nicolette Van der Walt's picture


A beautiful yet sad poem - but I also read determination between the lines. Yes, sometimes the waiting is harder than the goodbye - but good for you, my friend - now it's time for YOU!! A short poem that says so much - thanks!!

Kindest regards

kat's picture

That is so perfect and I have lived every word also........well, maybe not quite that last one. But that thought is there constantly too. Excellent job!


Ernest Bevans's picture

I have learned long ago
that one never say's goodbye to love
It is merely transformed and make
itself present by way of good friends
and family, those we have assisted
and God. What we do say good bye to
is those things which have become a
burden to us - and in such there is
no lost.

Keep writing = Keep your head up.

. Donkerman's picture

Hi Jessica

In many ways such a sad poem... In many ways the beginning of a new dawn!

I love the way you used graphics and sound to enhance the message in your poem. Lovely work !

Regards from the land of Oz