A Child To Borrow For Christmas


A Child To Borrow For Christmas

She scanned the news, then saw the ad.

It took her breath away.

“ A child to borrow for Christmas…”

“Have you one to lend, I pray?”

Tears formed and fell as she read it.

The writer had lost everything.

His wife and child had died months ago,

A sad familiar ring.

“I’m not a weirdo looking for prey.

I just have a daddy’s heart.

My mother was once a Grandma.

Such gladness your child could impart.”

“Could we borrow your child for an hour or two?

More than one would be a real treat!

I promise that we would be careful

And you may come too if you please.”

The tears soaked her blouse as she pondered

The loss of her own loving spouse,

Then quickly she dialed the phone number,

Took directions to get to the house.

On Christmas Eve they were welcomed,

She, her daughter, and son,

So cordial and sweet was the meeting,

At once she was glad they had come.

Treated as those clearly cherished,

They once again knew Christmas cheer.

Warm hazel eyes pierced her armor,

He said, “I’m so glad you’re here.”

She whispered, “I too have lost someone.”

He hugged her and said,  “I could tell.”

Somewhere inside her, ice melted,

As the Yuletide rang in with church bells.

That was their brand new beginning,

When sympathy over-rode pain,

And kindness returned by ten-thousand.

Now none will be lonely again.

For this is the meaning of Christmas.

When God gave his child for all men,

That none then should e're be forsaken.

Oh! Take that gift offered in hand.

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This was lovely the first time I saw it, snd it grows lovelier the more I visit it. Maybe we'll experience that same phenomenon, face-to-face one day. Visit my response to yours. It has finally gotten done. Merry Christmas, Sugary-Sweet-thang! Txo.

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