Changing Her Dress

Changing Her Dress

I watched the Sweetgum change her dress,

From simple summer green,

To burgundy as deep and dark

And stunning as a dream.

She did it openly at that,

And flaunted all her charms.

A shameless hussy she became,

Stretching scarlet arms.

I stood in wonderment and watched.

She took no thought of me.

But flagrantly she daily changed.

Such flair I seldom see.

I watched that Vixen dance and sway,

And oh!  How glad I am.

Her vibrant robes, originals,

Not "off the racks", nor sham.

I watched the Sweetgum change her dress,

And wondered on my knees,

God loves me more than all the woods!

What lies in store for me!?

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salphire5's picture

It's a beauty Jessica.
Holy revelation.
Inspired and beautifully expressed.


kat's picture

How very nicely said, Jessica. Watching the changes in trees is one of my favorite things.
And not just the change into fall colors, but also the bareness of winter, followed by the glazing of ice or blankets of snow. The the emerging greenery of spring into summer. Trees are one of nature's
greatest pleasures. Thanks for such a nice poem about one of my favorites!


TREXPATTON's picture

Dear Ms. Martin. This is a response to the picture in your bio; some people, some sites, just make me think this way: (it is a work in-progress)


Near you, near the stream,
your vision is mine of heaven,
your pleasure is my dream.

Time passes for each season,
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall,
and Time ceases for Love's reason.
Love between like hearts does call.

Today the trees are bare and yearning
for Spring's greenth to come and grace.
My hope is wintering, too, your smile awaiting.

((other verses aborning for their times))

I take this trip very nearly daily, hoping.
(You don't know how often I greet you).
It is so hard, being far apart, waiting
but I know there is the day I SHALL meet you.

Waiting is somehow easier, when Love stays true.

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !