Make A Wish


Make A Wish

I can remember

playing outdoors

and dreaming

a dream or two,

I never spoke

a wish aloud

so that same wish

would come true.

I can recall

a game of baseball

in the field

where dandelions grew.

Blowing the fluff

from the stem was enough

to garner a wish

that was new.

Sometimes when I hear

those lovely old tunes

that pushed me

to dream long ago.

I'm glad that I did,

since dreams are the fuel

that make all our goals

start to grow.

When Acker Bilk played,

I dreamed of the "shore"

and that "stranger"

who'd win my young heart.

Wishes and sighs

are dream alibis,

when goals come alive

from the dark.

I had my own share

of those wishes back then

and sometimes

I marvel at fate.

Tho' detoured by time

the dreams were still mine

and eventually

earned them, though late.

Whatever happened

to porch-dreaming kids

who sat with their minds

far away?

And whoever said

that wasting their time

was all they accomplished

that way?

I've noticed that I

have begun those deep sighs

that whisper

that I need a dream.

So I've taken to

pulling on wish bones,

blowing fluff

or candles with steam.

I've no crystal ball

at my own beck and call

and no fairy wand

waved with a swish,

So it's time I relearn

how to dream, how to yearn

with a smile and a wink,

Make A Wish!

Music: Stranger On The Shore by Acker Bilk

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*~* Slendah*~*'s picture

My son is a daydreamer, but I jut let him be because I believe that today's daydreamer is tommorows innovator.
Love the poem and the painting. Well done!

TREXPATTON's picture

"Somewhere....Out There", and "Will You Still Love Me, Tomorrow" just sort of pop into mind with the title "Make A Wish". Oh, if you ONLY knew what this piece says to me. Thanks, Teddy

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !