Vertigo (Jeune a coeur)

Vertigo (Jeune a coeur)

I've heard that some lose balance.

They falter then they fall.

The world has tilted axis.

They can't stay "up" at all.

I never knew that problem,

Until I met my friend.

Those same effects will target

Emotions when with him.

Just when I think I'm ready

To walk on steady feet,

My friend just sweeps me off them.

I'm never whole, complete.

A raging battle rocks me.

I crumble into tears,

And babble like a drunkard

Who's crying in his beers.

The highs and lows of caring,

The need but not fulfilled,

Keep me off-balance daily,

The torment never stilled.

There's no innoculation

For fools who have no choice.

Mem'ry stablilizes with

A "fix" from his sweet voice.

He is not mine.  He's taken.

His words are all I get.

My heart may toss and tumble

But I have no regret.

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Rachel  Marie Tate's picture

Brilliant selection of words in this piece... impressed at your skilled use of the english {and other(title)} language~ Also noted that you took the high road when tempted since he was taken... nice~