A Perfect World


A Perfect World

Inside my heart a perfect world is painted in warm hues.

Nobody there is left alone and no one gets the "blues".

The home is sacred, so is love, and marriage is a trust.

There's love and warmth and honesty, and laughing is a must.

The Grandpas there go fishing, and the Nanas have nice laps.

As long as the sun is shining, there'd be no time for naps.

The puppies and the kittens are never sick or mean.

The food is good and plenty since the larder's never lean.

At holidays the table is extended all the way,

While other makeshift surfaces the food they give display.

Nobody dares not join the fun; it's much too good to miss,

So here the entire family shares holidays of bliss.

No alcohol is served here, no fussing then insues,

All souls are loved, respected, and nobody can refuse.

On Mother's Day the children always visit with a smile,

And if there's ought that they can do, they phone across the miles.

The church is heart and center of the home within my world.

The people there appreciate each lonely boy or girl.

Problems still arise within this place I've often dreamed,

But God still has the answer and no care how hard things seemed.

When all else fails and crashes and the world then lets me down,

In my perfect world my family would surely gather round.

No fingers pointing to my faults, no scolding at my fears,

Just hugs and love, acceptance are the sounds that greet my ears.

Before you laugh and ridicule, and tell me I'm a fool,

This dream is not for me alone, but also includes you.

For if we all could share our dreams of love that's right and real,

We'd own a world that's perfect and pure love is what we'd feel.

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*~* Slendah*~*'s picture

Oh how I would love to live in that perfect world with perfect friends like you.

Cletus Hardiman's picture

Jessica this is a "jewel." We all dream of a perfect world, and, as you said in your poem, if everyone would do right, we would have a perfect place. But, saying this, reality sets in, and I know it will never happen, as do you! But, honey, it never hurts to have a dream, does it?

You have shown lots of emotion, along with your dreams on this one. God will bless you for your work!

Cletus Hardiman

TREXPATTON's picture

Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness. These attributes are so VERY obvious in you works; they must also be the life's-blood in your very sensitive heart. You have (again!!) given me an inspiration t match your sentiments with my own words. Thank you, Ms Martin. You are a jewel.

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !