I Pray

I Pray

Sometimes life seems more down than up,

And mine is such a bitter cup,

That to my knees I fall and then

I pray.

I may not have the finest home,

As traveling, may never roam,

But riches have I every time

I pray.

God never promised joy divine,

Or laughter always, clear sunshine,

But He Who Loves Me listens when

I pray.

What greater gift could I receive,

Than when I cry on bended knees

To know a King draws closer when

I pray?

No matter what the problem is,

With all the world askew, amiss,

I see through eyes of hope when e're

I pray.

No mansion on a hill need I,

My God is real and draweth nigh,

Each time I humbly seek His face

And pray.

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dale's picture

This poem really touched my heart. This is exactly the way I feel about my Lord! Pray has gotten me a long way and through many trials. This is beautiful.

TREXPATTON's picture

Responding to yours, from the last line up to the first: :

I Prayed
and was not too surprised to hear
that God was waiting, listening near,
and His presence calmed my every fear.

I Prayed
and Hope sprang to my questing heart:
every "coincidence" was all a part
of a Plan that only God could start!

I Prayed
and felt God was Regally present
in my confused and aimless intent,
and He was arranging as He meant.

I Prayed
and felt His bending ear
so close to me, SO Divinely near,
that His smiling Voice was all I could hear!

I Prayed
I heard angels'-steps on a golden street;
I saw all Man's troubles turn sweet;
I found the dearest friends one could ever meet.

I Prayed
and in my laughing heart I found
"The Secret": the fullest cup around
is Blessing's cup
poured out
over friends
and left

I Prayed for blessings on my friends
and found His Blessings never end.!!

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !

salphire5's picture

This poem is a beautifully written devotional poem of inspiration, hope and love. It is exquisite.
Print it up and sell it on plaques, cards etc so that many will have the chance to read it daily and live by it.
I am enriched by having read it.
Well done Jessica.

FM Salphire

Lesa Gay's picture

My Dear Friend,

This is so beautiful! It reminds me of the one I have recently posted.

I know that I commented on I Pray privatly to you but I wanted to be sure that I had something of my thoughts posted here.

Such a beautiful testimony Jesica. We think so much alike.