Allergic To Winter

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Allergic To Winter

I must be allergic to winter.

Depression just dogs me these days.

In winter I have no escape route.

Imprisoned inside I must stay.

I miss the warm breezes of summer,

When sipping a drink decked with ice.

Winter may be necessary,

But, Lordy, the summers are nice!

Spring comes around flaunting color,

Making the maid in me swell,

Then summer is hazy and lazy,

For dreamers and artists to dwell.

Autumn is blazing with fire,

And God knows I love it so much!

These minus degrees here in Georgia,

Will make even sane persons "touched".

I don't mean to say, "I hate winter."

I don't.  But I'm ready for spring.

With sun on my back I feel better.

When I wake up I hear birdies sing.

The water was frozen this morning.

My toes felt as though they'd break off.

I'm not a complainer for certain,

But brother, I tell you, I'm lost!

Old groundhog has not even spoken,

But I'll have my gun to his head,

If he thinks he is sleeping six MORE weeks,

That fool is as good as cold dead.

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stoleninnocence's picture

I love this poem...I can relate to it and It made me smile especially the ending. i reallly like your work =)

vipervenomnu's picture

You are a very talented writer....obviously and i love the pictures that go with your pieces. How do you change the background?

Ernest Bevans's picture

The winter gives me the blues too...
I've heard tell that florecent lights
during these dreary winter days seem
to help a bit, with the UV defeciency
- but actually I think
you are on the right track - writing
poetry brings and spread a lot more
Keep Writing - Keep the faith.

Connie Pyle's picture

Dear Jessica,
I feel as though I already know you dear. I read your comments on Bern's poems, and said, "That's a lady after my own heart!"
Except I just love winter.......I live in Wyoming, and I almost have to love it, you see we have it 9 months out of the year here!
Your poetry is simply lovely. How I enjoy reading it with a little twist at the end to leave your reader smiling, and once again........happy they took the time to read your beautiful poetry today. Thank you for sharing your images that went so well with your pen!
Warm love
I'm the new kid on the block!

kat's picture

Well your body might be close to frozen, but your mind's still working just fine.
A nice lil piece you cranked out on a cold cold day in winter!