What Now?

Now What?

Prayer was taken out of schools,

And then the football games.

Now at commencment exercise,

Some schools don't use His name.

How can we hope to lead a child

In ways that he should go,

If the very One who made us all

Is the One they may not know?

I hear that now there is some fuss,

Our nation's pledge the source.

That there are people who leave out

"Under God" with no remorse.

I'd like to say here in few words

Just what I think of them.

Don't try to force your views on me,


Music: Bless The Beasts And The Children

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Butch Lesley's picture

This is absolutly wonderful Jessica. And so true. When people ask me how God could let this happen, I answer by saying we have kicked Him out of our schools, our govenment, out churches, our lives. How can He help when we deny and ignore Him and tell Him to stay out of out lives.

TREXPATTON's picture

Just a "Quick-&-dirty" composition off the top-o-my-head, but in the vein of "Let's turn this thing around" for you: :

They thought they took prayer out of the school,
but they'll never take my school out of my prayers!!

My Grandson's team has little crosses embroidered all
over their uniforms (Grandmas are excellent seamstreses!).

During last commencement, EVERY graduate stopped on the steps,
looked up to God, and made the "Sign Of The Fish" on the floor!

Everyone's greeting changed from "HI!", to "God Bless!"
That's a First Ammendment Right that'll never be touched!

So, let them try to remove God, but His blessings will go too!
Won't they ever learn?! No; because THEY want to be GOD!

But that's not likely, for the Job has been filled, a long time!
And to try to remove God....well, that's just suicide

"Smile, you ignorant Pagans! : : Satan loves YOU!!!!!

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !