There was none to hear what my voice could not say.

No body could listen to thoughts formed that way.

No heart was in tuned to the person inside,

Who dreamed and she hoped and she grieved and she sighed.

There was no understanding of delights all my own.

No body could picture my picture of home.

No soul cared what my soul long yearned for--the need!

No heart would embrace me, my passion to feed.

You made a difference I don't understand.

You're not an illusion, you're my special friend.

You are the one soul who shares all my own thoughts.

You give life new meaning, you"re all that I sought.

You have more conviction than all men I've known.

You don't say in words the concern that you've shown.

You came at a time when my life was a mess,

Just living apart now is my greatest test.

But easy because



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Lesa Gay's picture

This is beautiful, moving and understood in its meaning. Such beautiful work from a beautiful soul.


TREXPATTON's picture

My version and title :: (Sometimes Love holds up a mirror)


I am the one heart that hears YOUR very heart's voice!
I am the ear that listens :: when you cry, I come nigh.
I am the reflection, YOUR image, when Love's light shines.
I am YOUR dreams,hopes, the end of grief ; Joy's ultimate sigh.

You searched your depths for soul-understanding,
and down at the bottom of loneliness, you've found Delight!
You reached the end of your heart's deep searching,
and, giving up, yet you found your quest : Love's Sunlight!

Love catalysed our differences (please understand),
for when hearts meet and touch like ours, they surely blend.
Amazingly, simultaneously, "THE ONE THOUGHT THAT IS" we've found!
All languages have but one word for it, more than lover : FRIEND!

Inspiration's Stream floats all around our Poets' minds;
all Emotion's Store is in it, waiting to be expressed.
I have merely brought verb and voice to what this poet finds;
there is no sin in wanting, or waiting, when it's for God's best.

I have finally
found it;
It Is You.

a Muse in here,

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !