If love could bridge the chasm that yawns between we two,

My heart would soar like kite wings across a sky of blue.

Refreshed, no longer pensive, no languishing for me,

My days I'd spend in love-play and not from memory.

No unsung songs of rapture, no tears in pillow shed,

Engaged in games and laughter, rose petals on our bed,

No heart remote and chilly, no sad and wistful sigh,

But joy and hope would fill me, the apple of your eye.

But love can't ease this heartache, two ends that never meet,

And one can't love enough for two.  Oh, God!  How bittersweet!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a ten-word challenge from K. A. Tinsley...

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TREXPATTON's picture

WOW!! I would have to lucubrate several nights in order to compose anything so deep and beautiful and moving!! How long did it take you?? I mean, to write it, not compose it. This will be the most wonderful dream in the world, when it comes true!! Thanks for sharing your heart.

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