The Prowler

The Prowler

Middle of a workweek night and lying wide awake,

My sleep invaded by motion lights--all darkness they do take.

I groan and turn and drag myself from bed and lift the blind,

I watch him move so stealthily through trees he hides behind.

He thinks he's undetected as he takes his own good time,

But I stand here and watch him there.  I clench my teeth and grind.

I have a loaded gun, you prowler.  I know  how to shoot.

I'm tired of being wakened while my orchard you then loot.

The light just does not hinder as you make your nightly quest.

It's only I who's bothered, and you know it, is my guess.

Well, one thing you won't ever know is the luck that you must hold.

Without it you'd be history, lying there stone cold.

But I'm an artist, and I paint the wildlife that I see,

And deer are favorite subjects so this time I'll let you be.

You've almost eaten all the fruit so maybe in mere days,

I'll get uninterrupted sleep.  If not I'll change my ways.

I'll then come out to face you, you buck with antlers tall,

Please go away and let me sleep.  I don't want that at all.

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I really like this one. You had me going for a few lines with the drumming that intimated attack and the choice of words. This was well worth reading. Tell Jim he was right about your work.

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Very cool Jessica! But I think you should move the pic to the bottom of the poem---you give it away! Like Ken, I thought you really were watching a burglar...then the deer came thru before I was done. Great story, pics and the music also. The teacher gets an A. :)

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An excellent poem. It started out so sinister and dark...I thought a cat-burgler was making it's way in. Then a wonderful twist at the end. It was a great story. Enjoyed it! Ken

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That is brilliant, I can't help but smile, I've been kept awake every summer night for the last three years by a long eared owl who spends all night asking "Who whooo!!"

This is a wonderful poem, one I shall return to again ans again.