My Brush With Fame

My Brush With Fame

I moved one colored bottle from the window sill this morn.

Just one removed so I could snap a pic.

The patio showed flowers blooming outside in the sun,

The big red window feeder did the trick.


I knew that little sucker would be hovering in sight,

Eight inches from my lens, and what a day!

He’s aggressive and a fighter and he flits and darts about,

Chasing even chickadees away.


Oh, I had all the bases covered, knew just what to do.

In front of sink I’d wait to catch him there.

He’s just a bird for goodness sake, no bigger than my thumb,

I see him whirring daily and I stare.


He feeds and leaves and comes again and chases all the rest,

He’d never seen me yet so this was choice.

I’d get a lovely picture filled with color in and out,

The only thing I’d miss was his cute voice.


I’ve only had my camera for a week or so, I guess,

Still learning how to turn it off and on…

Whooosh, he whished on past the feeder, straight to the window pane,

Looked square into my eye, and sssshhhhush was GONE!


The high pitched “twerrrp” he squeaked at me was all he left behind.

I didn’t know a hummingbird could cuss.

I learned far more than that today while trying for a snap.

Michael Smith I’m not, so what’s the fuss?

Music: Flight of The Bumblebee

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For anyone who doesn't know, Michael Smith is the man who took a picture of "the mad bluebird" and hit the mother lode...LOL

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Leah's picture

What a beautiful surprise! I thought this would be about a painting sale or some contest you won, etc. This is so beautiful! I take it that you collect bottles too and that this is your actual photo??? LOL I laughed at this one and couldn't help myself.

TREXPATTON's picture

SOOOO GLAD you are finding time for composing again!! I can just SEE you at that window, crouching, pouncing on that photo-op!! Give us MORE from your "forest refuge" site, please!! This one simply flows around the mind and carries us into your scene. Thank you for the memory-before-the-memory that this evokes. Teddy R.

"Poe" I'm not, nor "Rich" am I,
but I'll be famous, b'ye and b'ye !

Leah Murphy's picture

Very nice photo and I love the music you chose to go with it.