I had a sign upon a time,

Said, "Backdoor Guests Are Best".

If I would pick a friend to fit,

Then KAT would stand the test.

She's down to earth enough to share

An hour or two with me.

No matter how my day's been spent,

She'll listen patiently.

A mom and wife, a poet too,

She works a magic spell.

Her words release sad mem'ries.

Sweet stories she does tell.

I don't know how I made it then,

Before KAT came along,

But she's brought sunshine with her,

With friendship sure and strong.

Sometimes in life we get more grief

Than we think we deserve.

But friends like K. A. Tinsley

Are positive reverb.

So, Kim, when you feel loneliness

Surround you like the sea,

Remember here in Georgia

You have a friend in me.

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poetvg's picture

lovely piece
i loved it

kat's picture

Oh God, Jessica----You made me CRY!!!
I honestly don't know what to say---I'm speechless!
Thank You doesn't even seem sufficient.
You're the best!