Another day without you


Another day to wake up

another day to live through

and anothter day without you

sometimes I forget how to breathe,

how to smile

and how to live

Im trapped inside a nightmare

and Im locked inside myself

full of emptiness

not even god can save me from this mess

and the only thing I remember is you

and how much you care

hoping and waiting for our day to come

because all of my life I've dreamt of you

my special someone

sometimes I wish for no tommorrow

the days are long and filled with sorrow

I cant wakeup another day without you

without you I am nothing

without you nothings true

the days are getting longer

and the nights are always lonely

I wish I could kiss you

I wish you could hold me

Im confused

looking for life

looking for some love

but I'll never love again

love is but a sin

tempted by the present

living in the past

I dont want to love anyone else

I want you to be my last

you will be the one

when all of this is done

and save me from this nightmare

crying on my shoulder

telling me its over

and pleading to begin

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Jessica's picture

Jesse this is such a good poem.... sad but very well written and I admire a guy who writes poetry about love insted of how much he hates society and the world. You have a great talent and I hope you keep wrighting and rock on!!!!!! LOL lata, Jess

Kimmy's picture

Awesome display of emotion and feeling. You have the gift of pulling a reader into your writing, by using extremely descriptive adjectives. You really allow me to feel as you feel. :)


very nice write...truly heartfelt. i think we can all relate to this kind of attachment and hurt. very nice expression of feelings.