Innocence(day dream)

Short story

March 27 2006:

        This is the second day this thought came to me. I imagine backing my car over my familys baby ferret Teddy. Out of all four ferrets Teddy is the youngest and more playful of the bunch. He was named Teddy because he resembles a black bear with thick paws and marble colored fur.Teddy was the most playful of all the ferrets.

        Like a puppy he plays, plays, and plays. "Wound tighter than a two day clock", my dad would say.Getting out of the car to see if he was alright I glanced down to see his helpless body under my rear tire.His back legs and abdomen crushed. But Teddy seemed to be un-tainted by this incident.

        Squirming and moving his front paws, pulling the gravel from the road toward him as if to get up and walk away.He tries and tries but hopelessly fails to return to his day of play. The whole time I'm watching I feel my stomach getting tighter and tighter, as if something is twisting it or ringing it out like a wet rag. Then Teddy starts to whine, letting out little whimpering sounds that resemble a bear cub who lost it's mother. "Maah, Maah", my breathing was getting heavier and my stomach tighter.

        "Maah", the only thing that I could do to ignore the pain in my stomach was not breath. Beside Teddy on the road was his partially crushed Mickey Mouse doll. It was Teddys favorite toy so I pushed it toward him. "Maah", grabbing onto it with his mouth and grasping it in his paws he holds the doll for comfort. And then he dies, and rain started to fall on the ground except it wasnt raining.

        Feeling able to breath again I started to breath deep. I looked up to see where the rain was comming from, but I still could not see it. The pain from my stomach was gone, but it started to rain harder. The drops of water rolling down my nose, the side of my cheek, off of my chin and onto the pavement. I was crying. Then I thought to myself, If there was any innocence left in the world, i just killed it.

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